Get Started

These steps should get you started. Probably best to open this page in one browser tab, and perform the tasks in another tab, switching between the two

First of all, Click on the Register link at the top. It is the Gang Leader who registers, usually one of the parents who has an email address. The kids are added later.

Register with mail address and password (Min 8 characters, a capital, letters and numbers and something else like @ or ! or + etc. As this is not currently https secure, best to use a password that is unique.

You will be prompted to fill in your profile. Feel free to shave off a few years if you are an adult, but youths DoB will be used. You will be automatically given the role of Parent or Rider depending on your age. The Club Admins will change this for Coaches and Parent Helpers

Click on your name to view your gang members, usually your kids but could be nieces, grandchildren, whoever you bring along.

Click Add Gang Member

Add Gang Members, only name and Date of Birth is required. They will be contacted through the Gang Leader's email address and do not log in themselves. Riders can request their own sign in if required.

Click on 'Events' and select events. You need to let us know if you are going to coached sessions. If you are going to a youths race event, please let us know that too, as it is useful information for deciding coaching priorities.

...then, for each gang member, click Going or Not Going. Simple.

This will then give an overview of which coaches, parent helpers and riders are going. Coaches will be assigned to groups depending on numbers attending, so the sooner we know, the sooner this can be done. Riders will know beforehand who the Coach will be and vice versa, and the coach can plan the session accordingly.